Woman carrying woman at paris fashion week

We write about the Rick Owens catwalk fashion trend and you will leave your opinion about what you think regard this fashion.
Probably you will laugh all day after this article but i have to write about the latest trend of Rick Owens and how he is seeing the woman catwalk as an accessory.
Rick Owens makes women the latest fashion accessory with models wearing models on the catwalk.

The controversial fashion designer, Rick Owen's is known for his  strangest fashion creations that always surprised the international public in the fashion world  who continuously  pushes boundaries and addresses difficult social issues but women wearing women was something we didn't see coming.As he continues to surpass his previous shows, this season was no exception. For its spring/summer 2016 women's wear show during Paris Fashion Week the New-York based designer had models walk the catwalk with other models clinging to their backs, strapped upside-down, with arms and legs hanging like they were some sort of accessory - human backpacks if you will - both models (the one walking, and the one hanging) were sporting the designer’s latest collection (a tricky one for those models cast to take part in the show). But this fashion has a symbolic in opinion of Rick Owen's which means women’s ability to support and nurture each other in a strong sisterhood. 
Well everyone is free to expose his own preferences and designer choose to interpret a strong friendship between woman's in this way,its up to you if you agree or not. You cannot judge the preferences of an individual person. 
Here is what designer said about his 2016 collection named Cyclops:
 “I see [my collection] being more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood and regeneration; women raising women, women becoming women and women supporting women—a world of women I know little about and can only attempt to amuse in my own small way,” 
So what do you think about new collection of Rick Owen's with his models catwalk? Do you embrace or you disagree his ideas about fashion? Do you think is normal to express your loyalty to a woman in this way or is just a way to attract interest of many people talking about the most about the eccentric fashion designer? We look forward to hear your opinion by leaving  a comment down to this article.

Rick owens fashion show inline( image usmagazine) Rick owens latest fashion trend at paris fashion week( image usmagazine)


Rick owens woman carrying woman at paris fashion week( image-usmagazine)


creations by Rick Owen's 2016 woman wear woman fashion by Rick Owen's Rick Owen's' Paris Fashion Week presentation

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