The ultimate gadget two Wheels Smart Self Balance Drifting Scooter Board

The ultimate gadget two-weeled board
Well i must admit that this gadget scare me first time when i saw it on my street.It was dar outside and some dudes was spining their two-weel board with that blue light, i tought i see alliens first time, but once i get closer i realize thy was playing with their two weels gadget and i laught in my own head ( haha)
Yes i must admit that technology is very speedy and they surprise me with this gadget, but like drones they will be probably forget after few years.Yeah remember that drones how popular they was with two,three years ago? 

This is happening now with two-wheel board.Lets talk more deeply about this toy.
From research this gadget is know as self-balancing two-wheeled board, sometimes known as a self-balancing board, self-balancing scooter, or drifting board, is a portable battery-powered vehicle consisting of two wheels side-by-side with a small platform between them for standing on. Unlike the similar Segway PT, there are no handles, and the device is controlled by the rider shifting their body weight. The device, which is manufactured by a small number of manufacturers in China, has been embraced by celebrities for example Justin Bieber, Dominique Easly, Jamie Fox, Steve Harvey, Wiz Khalifa, and Jimmy Fallon.
This device's use has been banned in Mecca after a video of a pilgrim using it during a hajj was posted on social media and the rider was criticized for the device's use.
Germany also doesn't allow to use this gadget on their official streets.
Because is so weird this device people have different opinion and are sceptical when we talk about it. But what exactly is it? Good question. There’s really no generic name yet, possibly because it’s so new. Electric unicycle, self-balancing mini-smart scooter and drifting board are just a few of the SEO-driven descriptors that pop up at online retailers.
What’s eminently clear is that the first company to make a significant splash with it was IO Hawk at January’s annual Consumer Electronics Show. It calls it an “Intelligent Personal Mobility Device,” which is accurate, but also kind of awful.
This ultimate gadget two wheeled board can propel a 280-pound person along roadways and parking lots and other relatively smooth, dry surfaces for about 10 to 12 miles at speeds up to 6 mph.
Like a Segway, the device is crammed with digital gyroscopes and stabilizers, as well as myriad sensors that calculate a rider’s centre of gravity and then adjust accordingly. Beginner will start with a small speed till they get used with the device and they can upgrade the speed as soon as they master this weird gadget. The key to use this wheels is to hold your balance,stay relax and  feel comfortable.More information about how to use the ultimate gadget two-wheeled board you will find in the instruction book.
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Two wheels self balancing gadget

Self balancing two wheels

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