The revolutionary deodorant for shoes

Well, from some time i bought a few pairs of shoes but lower quality and not leather and i realized that my feet are smelling not too nice. Maybe you know that feeling when you're not comfortable with yourself and your feet are not fresh as you wish. Because I like very much that shoes, i  did not want to give up for them and I began researching how I can scent shoes.
Hmmm , I tried with underarm deodorant, which ran on time, but then I realized my shoes are smelling again.

I had heard about talk pouder process, which hardly delights me to have my feet white when i take off my slippers when i go to visit someone. So I kept looking for a product that can resolve this problem with smelly shoes.Well i find the revolutionary deodorant for shoes at Sainsbury supermarket. Below is a picture to see how is look like the spray that scent my shoes.This miracle  spray cost  only £ 3.85 and i am glad i final find the right deodorant for shoes. After only one application you will feel a sense of refreshment for your feet and a pleasant perfume. In just a few seconds your shoes will smell fresh and you will feel comfortable in your own shoes.

How is how is working:

- you need to turn on the button on the spray base , footwear and hold inside shoes, apply for three seconds ( 3 seconds are enough to freshen smell slippers ). This spray can be stored for perfuming footwear in a drawer, but you have to put it in a safe place where children will not have access to this deodorant,because  it can be very dangerous for kids.This product is flammable, so keep any substances away to avoid any  accident. When using deodorant for shoes you must be careful not to get in your eyes the  spray substance. 
Below is a video to see how to apply deodorant Kiwi Shoe.
From now on your shoes will feel fresh and you can take them off without any problems,so all embarrassment doesn't exist any-more when you go to visit somebody at their home.If you have other advices about how to make shoes to not smell, then share with us. You can leave a comment on this article or you can write yourself an article in the blog spot section from your member account.

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