The most expensive phones in the world

The most expensive phones in the world:
Find out what are the most expensive phones in the world from the next article.
The following article may interest you or maybe not, but at least it is good to keep up with the latest news regarding foodie and gadgets.
Everyone wants a mobile phone expensive and more efficient , but when it is overlaid with gold and 24 karat's or diamonds and other gemstones , you had the courage to remove such a phone in your bag ?

Well some international celebrities they wanted an extravagant mobile and below I made a list of the top most expensive phones in the world :
 -  iPhone Princess Plus:

This phone has been developed by Austrian designer Peter Aloisson and is made of gold with 318 diamonds.

Price: 126.000 euro

Iphone princess plus 

 - Sony Ericsson Black Diamond:
This phone uses a technology more special which is why the price is so high.Sony Ericsson Black Diamond design belongs to Jaren Goh and he has details of mirror polycarbonate and organic LED technology . Not to be outdone than the iPhone Princess Plus this phone has added two important dimensions diamonds , one joystick and the other diamond being placed in the back .
Price: 214.000 euro

Sony ericsson black diamond

  - Savelli Smartphone:
 So this phone is imposed more by technology than by its unique design .If you want to attach another precious object from your collection of unique products in the world then passes the list Savelly Smartphone.Each of the phones Savelli comes dressed in 18 karat gold and the LAEGE you can customize with other jewelry or gemstones or exotic animal skin which will lend a Smartphone Savelli phone .
Pret: 223.779 euro

Savelli smartphone luxury

 - Vertu Signature Cobra:
Vertu Signature Cobra other impressive phone created by French designer Boucheron. This phone is worth so much because of eccentric design and snake applied on this phone is made of Diamond , the eyes are made ??of emeralds , and the body is made of approximately 500 rubies.A real treasure in a single phone . 
Price: 221.000 euro

Vertu signature cobra gold

 - Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:
This phone was produced in three copies, first appeared in Switzerland in 2005 and is made from solid gold weighing 180 grams.What makes it so expensive are the black diamonds (totaling the whooping 45.5 K) covering its front while and the 200-year old African blackwood used for its back. And that 12-mm thin frame is made of 180 grams of gold.
The Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot keypad consists of 17 manually polished and laser etched sapphires weighing 32 K.
Price: 714.000 euro

Gresso luxor las vegas jackpot cellphone

 - Diamond Crypto Smartphone:
Diamond Crypto Smartphone is the creation of renowned designer Peter Aloisson for the Russian company JSC Ancort.It has a platinum casing decorated with 50 diamonds , including 10 blue diamonds of the most rare and company logo and navigation button is made ??of 18 carat pink gold.What is interesting is that mobile phone CEST provides protection against kidnapping and extortion technology.
Price: 928.000 euro

Diamond crypto smartphone

GoldVish Le Million:
GoldVish Le Million cracked the charts in terms of gadgets and entered the Guinness Book of Records on 29 January 2008, being the most expensive phone sold at The Millionaire Fair in Cannes.Create this phone belongs to the company GoldVish , and the model was designed by Emmanuel Gueit for Illusion collection.The front of the phone is of 80 karat white gold and is wearing 20-carat diamond . If you want you can have this phone only to order.
Price: 928.000 euro

Goldvish le million

 - iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond:
This phone already exceeded two million, so we go to the more serious stuff.At first glance there would seem to be worth so much Call of Amosu Diamond iphone 6 , but closer analysis this phone is the Apple logo is made entirely of diamonds , and in total there are over 6,000 small diamonds across the phone.This phone can be purchased only on demand, but to to enjoy this luxury product you must wait at least two months to manufacture .
Price: 2.5 million de euro

Iphone 6 amosu call of diamond

 - iPhone 5 Black Diamond:
This phone has stunned the entire planet with sophisticated design and is adorned with black diamonds.Who would have thought that black diamond ever will be incorporated in the casing of an Iphone ?Stuart Hughes was the one who managed to find one of these black diamonds and encrusted it this custom iPhone model.This phone is not available because it was already commercializing purchased by a Chinese businessman , who wanted to be the first and only man in the world who owns this phone encrusted in gold , black diamonds and other gemstones .
Price: 13 million de euro

Iphone 5 black diamond

 - Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6:
This phone has the highest value of all mobile phones in the world.As technology is no more advanced than any other iphone 6 , but which raises the value of Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond is a diamond 18 carat pink on the back of the phone casing.So the amount of 43.4 million is owed ??pink diamond that makes this phone unique in the world .
Price: 43.4 million de euro

Top 10 most expensive smartphones ever made

After you have viewed the list of the most expensive phones in the world , the question is , you pay such an exorbitant amount for one of the phones listed above? Is it worth investing in a luxury phone , it is just a fad of the rich people of to own a unique product in the world?We wait for your opinions by leaving a comment down to this article. 



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