The Importance of Serial Number in Spotting a Fake Celine Bag

Celine bags are an entirely new imagination in style and utility. The Celine bag, or the Luggage Tote (LT) to be precise is something that defines the attitude of professional women, at present.

Celine bag, or the Luggage Tote
 But here is what; every big brand has a fake. And this brand is no exception. The market, local or international, is flooded with fake Celine bags. Be sure to do your research and find out just how to tell a fake from an original from experts. Blogs like Spotbags are dedicated to reviewing bags and can be a very valuable resource of information as they prove that there is a way to avoid being fooled. And, indeed, there is, the Serial Number.
But before we can know how this genius way works out, it is imperative to know a bit about the brand that has come to be so dearly embraced by women world over.

A Brief History



Celine, a made-to-measure shoe brand that was started by Celine Vipiana, joined the LVMH group in the 1990’s and forayed into luxury leather bags. With its initial designer a Michael Kors, today this make has Phoebe Philo taking it to the next level and making the LT a dream bag for its buyers.
Philo considers this bag as the essential part of “a wardrobe, a practical ABC of clothes.” Making an exit from Chloe, she re-imagined the entire brand image and created this bag. And so, these handbags are nothing like anything in the fashion industry. The best part is that people not only buy it for the brand that it is, but also for the value and style that it offers together, unlike any other bag.

How Does the Serial Number Differentiate an Original from a Fake?

Now, no matter how closely a fake tries to copy the original, there are always some loopholes that are left unnoticed by the cheats. Serial number is one of them. Every Celine handbag has it and you need to look out for it whenever you buy any bag of this make.
There is a serial leather serial number tab that you will find when you probe. The tricky part is that the brand never ever explained what the coding stands for, so they are pretty easy to copy.

Leather celine bags


This leather tab is usually found on the inside of the bag, in Nano LTs it is appended inside the interior pocket. The number starts with a one capital letter; a hyphen; two capital letters; a hyphen and a four digit number. However, these are not unique and may be even repeated.
What you need to look for is that they do not begin with S-GA; that is a sure sign of a fake handbag. The corner must be snipped at clean right angles and the edges must not be curved or rounded at all. Not that it is an edict but this is the kind of precision that Celine likes.
Though the company doesn’t make it clear but it could be this way – the 1st and the 3rd numbers indicate the week; and the 2nd and the 4th number indicate the year of production.
Here, this is the picture of a fake one:

Trapeze bags from Celine

Also, Trapeze bags from Celine have a small number imprint on the zipper that indicates the size.

But Serial Number is not the Only Identification Mark

Apart from this identification mark, there are others that are more conspicuous.
• Heat Stamping
This is the most pronounced sign and can be found right at the top front.

Celine handbags











This is how it should be:
 The logo should contain the brand name in capitals. The first E of Celine should have an accent aigue (É).
 Right below É, should begin PARIS.
 The letters should not touch one another; neither should the words.
 The font should neither be too thick, nor too thin.
 It should not be blurry either.
 The interior label must have “MADE IN ITALY” stamped to the right. In capitals!
 The place of the logo may vary in different variants.
• Lining

How to spot fake celine bags from original once

The linings will be matching and as impeccable as the leather. The bags are sturdy and hefty; the durable linings are a sure reason for that. The smooth calfskin LTs always have matching leather linings in leather; the drummed or pebbled ones have micro suede; and there is trio that lets you a variety of linings that lend easy compartmentalisation.

• Zipper

Buy online celine bags

Celine does not have a penchant for publicizing their brand name on the zippers. They like it unmarked and elegantly plain. So, any bag with a Celine zipper is an absolute fake. Nevertheless, most originals, do mention the zipper size on the end. This number is 8.
The kind of finish they have is not glitzy; it is always antique. The D-rings are quite large and leave ample space on both sides of the pull.
• Construction
 The bottom must have four studs that protect it. There is absolutely no stitching. (Only the Nano LT doesn’t have the studs.)

Original celine handbags

 The stitching of the front pocket must be cleanly straight. However, the corners are slightly rounded.
• Colours
Here’s the thing about colours – agreed that Celine offers a great choice in colours; however, one must beware while buying the Tricolour. The reason is simple – some of them that the fakes produce may not even exist in the original.

Celine woman bags

Celine loves basic colours and so should you.
Telling these difference can be quite a tough task but has to be done all the same. The serial number is a sure thing in these bags and must be looked for closely. Nonetheless, the other factors also come in handy.
One wise word is that it may not be a good idea to buy these online from the sites that do not guarantee the authenticity of the products it sells. It is not possible to make a thorough inspection online and you may end up being cheated when your order arrives.
The best bet is to buy from an exclusive store or from an online store that guarantees genuine merchandise.

So, go ahead and make a Celine handbag your best friend. Surely, it will stay with you for most of your life. That is, if it is an original.


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