The Galaxy Hair Trend

Galaxy hair trend is looking like coming from SF-Fiction movies, but if you want to stand out from the ordinary daily routine,you can opt for a radical change at your new look. The colours of Galaxy hair are similar with Aurora Borealis,make you think you live in a different planet.So how these girls they get this trendy colours into their hair?We find that only at professional beauty salons you can have a treatment  for hair that will transform your hair like colour of the people from Avatar movie.

Galaxy trend hair

source of pictures- Instagram

Galaxy hair trend


New galaxy style

source of pictures- Instagram

Galaxy hair is a variation of the pastel and rainbow trend that is becoming more popular and many people choose to try this trendy colour for their hair,but what makes this trend different from pastel hair is that those dying their hair post pictures of themselves next to an image of a galaxy with similar colouration. The only bad this about this trendy colours is that you need to past  at beauty salon, at every four weeks to re-gloss some areas that may have faded from hair.What professional hair stylist advice is:
- other from re-glossing some parts of your hair at every few weeks, also is important to be gentle and use minimal heat after this process is done because the hair will be sensitized from all of the lightening.So, if you want to look trendy and enjoy the glamour colours of Galaxy hair trend, be prepared for maintenance and some finances,doesn't cost much, but when you have to pull out money of your pocket at every few weeks, it can be another forum to lose some finances.
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