The Controversy of Natural and Synthetic Fur Coats

There’s a controversy about fur coats. When it comes to this precious item, we can choose either to buy the natural fur coat or synthetic coats. For animal lovers, buying a natural fur coat seems to be a bad decision. These people feel guilty as they have strong empathy towards living beings including animal. Yet, what if we are obsessed with wearing beautiful clothing such as a fur coat? There’s no one can’t resist the softness of this coat. We can feel it under our fingers as a good fur coat will be our source of warmth during cold climates. A fur coat is reliable during the winter season, isn’t it? 

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As animal lovers, we should feel the shame in wearing natural fur coats. Fortunately, we can take advantage from synthetic items available in the market. It means that we can feel a similar feeling like wearing a real fur coat without harming animals. Although the quality of a faux fur coat isn’t as best as the real one, we can just ignore it. There are many options of super-fashionable synthetic items in the marketplace. Moreover, the process and production to make such kind of products are getting way much better than before. In some cases, we will have difficulty to differentiate both of them.Buying synthetic coats is a symbol of an animal lover. Recently, it’s hard to determine someone with a real fur coat and those with faux coats. It’s due to the similar quality of those products. Therefore, we can’t simply judge people who wear fur clothing. It can be that they wear a synthetic fur coat instead of the real one. Basically, faux fur clothing is more affordable than natural ones. It can save money and give lots of advantages as much as the real deal. We can ask the sellers about any available coats to buy including the real fur coats or the faux ones.

It’s true that the world becomes more concerned about this matter. It seems that fur becomes the main debate among people. Both sides have bold points of view. There’s a study that shows how fur may become so much damaging to the environment as it comes from various animals. There’s a claim showing that natural fur is less destructive than synthetic leather. It’s associated with the industry and production. Let’s take a basic point of view. Killing animals to make a fashion product indeed is wasteful and cruel. Some of us may agree while the others may not. Aside from moral debates, there are many deeper discussions about it.

For example, some proponents of real fur industries state that synthetic coats are more harmful environmentally than the real fur. They consider a real fur will biodegrade naturally. There’s a record about how much energy used to produce a real fur coat. It’s 60 times that of a synthetic product. However, it’s an outdated study so there will be much more development about this kind of information. There’s a fashion designer named Stella McCartney. She has made a statement that producing a real fur coat takes more energy than the faux one. Still, she can’t provide sufficient information to back her statement.

Probably, we don’t need to really care about this debate. In fact, we should take care about an issue such as how to differentiate real fur coats and the faux fur coats. Aside from the controversy, it seems that we need to learn about the differences between these items. For any of us who have no experience to buying a fur coat, there will be troubles to find out the real one. With advances in quality and materials of synthetic coats, we may find difficulties in the market. Naturally, we will ask the seller. It will be hard if we can’t trust this seller.

Fortunately, both novices and experienced buyers can get original fur coats. There are many methods how we can determine the real fur from the fake one. First of all, we need to check the labels. Though a label of garment becomes a strong proof of fur originality, it doesn’t always the case. We need to get much information about the labels from the internet. There are some sites from where we can learn about the labels. Some famous and big labels may produce both faux and real fur. It causes confusion among us indeed. There’s no guarantee about the originality of a label.

Next thing to differentiate real fur coats from faux ones is to check the backing. The easiest method perhaps is to inspect below the lining. We can check the back of the fur to determine its originality. We should find a place where we can feel the foundation of the fur in the lining. Genuine animal fur will represent smooth leather and it will be sewn together in shreds. We can compare some pictures between real fur coats and the synthetic ones. The internet always provides rich information about anything. We can take advantage from a review site as well. There are many buyers who love to share their experiences in buying fur coats.

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