Luxurious and Expensive Hand Bags All Over the World – the Top 10

Handbags and purses are important fashion items worldwide. They have become women’s accessories in this modern era. In fact, luxury hand bags come in different colours, shapes, brands, and shapes. Some have high-end design while others are only suitable for the urban chic. Mostly, women can’t go out without their precious handbags. They consider them in the term of a fashion statement and functionality. What about you? There will be some reasons to buy this kind of item, won’t it? 

For the divas, they don’t want regular handbags so they hunt for famous and luxurious handbags. Well, these top expensive items can be your reference when looking for the best handbag ever in the market. Women may spend much money to satisfy their hunger of fashion. Therefore, you can read the list below before buying the one that you really need to get in the market. Each of them has distinct beauty and uniqueness too.

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag : $30,000

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag : $30,000

Marc Jacobs Carolyn has made a name among women. Their crocodile handbag becomes one of the most expensive bags in the world. It costs you $38,000. The bag is made from glamorous crocodile leather. Its vibrant purple colour makes it unique and precious for a woman. You won’t get a disappointment at all due to its quality leather either inside or outside. There are extra pockets and separators that will provide easy and simple organization of contents. Well, this is the cheapest one among the others.

Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino : $38,470 -  Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino’s Gadino bag, features 39 white diamonds hidden in clasps of white gold.

Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino : $38,470

Hilde Palladino also takes a position in the most expensive bags around the world. They are proud with their Gadino Bag. You can buy this beautiful bag at $38,470. Aside from its tough and supple crocodile skin, the handbag has more values that you can get. It becomes a popular product that combines white diamonds and white gold to maximize the beauty. It’s suitable for those who want to buy a beautiful and durable handbag with prestigious appearance. 

 Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag : $42,000

Louis vuitton tribute patchwork bag

Do you have $42,000? You should take an opportunity to buy Patchwork bag by Tribute. It belongs to one of the best luxury hand bags due to its uniqueness. It breaks the regular design of expensive bags. You will get amazed by this bag. Overall, it offers quite a rare appearance that you can’t find out in other types of handbags. It has radical appearance and rarity. It means you won’t get bored with its style. It seems that you have many handbags in one item. As the name implies, there are some handbags combined into a beautiful bag. Beyoncé has bought one. What about you?

Leiber Precious Rose : $92,000

Leiber precious rose bag price

A rose always becomes a symbol of beauty. Leiber Rose Bag gets attention from women all over the world. It’s due to its uniqueness. The bag is framed and designed to represent a blooming rose. This high-end and fashionable bag includes quality materials both for the body and the sling.Aside from its beautiful design, you can get more values including the precious stones. There are 800 tourmalines, thousands of pink sapphires, and thousands of diamonds. Matthew McConaughey has already had this bag. You need to spend $92,000 for this one. 

 Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag : $120,000

Hermes bag

The amount of hermes bags is countless. Let’s take an example of their $120,000 bag. It’s Matte Crocodile Birkin handbag. Physically, the bag has black and elegant beauty. This bag is framed by a famous singer in England. This amazing handbag from Hermes is designed mainly from high-quality crocodile leather and decorative clasps with white diamonds. The price tag is quite troublesome for those with a tight budget. In this case, Hermes offers a more affordable version that costs you only $5,000. However, such number is still expensive for most of us. 

Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag : $150,000

Urban satchel bag

Louis Vuitton has made a phenomenal bag that ends up to be one of the most expensive bags worldwide. You can buy their Urban Satchel at $150,000. This bag becomes one of the most famous styles from Louis Vuitton. The concept is to include trash as the part of bag production, literally. There are some materials used for this bag including cigarette packs, water bottles, and even chewing gum wrapper. This bag is quite unique. Well, perhaps it’s more suitable to be stored inside the garbage dump instead of a woman’s closet.

. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag : $250,000

Lana marks cleopatra bag

There is an extraordinary bag in $250,000. At this time, Lana Marks gives another shot to introduce their beautiful Cleopatra bag. In fact, they only produce a Cleopatra bag once a year in distinct color and design. In the current design, they use alligator skin with a silver tone. What makes it special and precious is its white gold clasp with both white and black diamonds. There are 1,500 precious gemstones encrusted on the clasp.

Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag : $261,000

Chanel diamond forever classic bag


Almost all women recognize Chanel handbags. Recently, there’s a new item called Diamond Forever handbag. The price is $261,000 and makes it as one of the most expensive bags around the world. Nothing can beat the beauty and classic of this bag. It’s made from high-quality crocodile leather encrusted with hundreds of diamonds. The shoulder straps are decorated with white gold that makes the bag more precious. You can only find 13 of them in the world. The United States have 5 of them. 

Hermes Birkin bag by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka : $1.9 million

Hermes birkin bag by japanese designer ginza tanaka

Be ready as Hermes will make you spending too much money for their Ginza Tanaka. You need to spend no less than $1.9 million for this product. Well, what can you expect more for this absolute and beautiful handbag? The concept comes when Hermes have decided an iconic and beautiful handbag. This breathtaking handbag is made from platinum with 2000 diamonds on it. There’s a removable diamond sling that you can wear as a necklace or a bracelet. 

The “1001 Nights Diamond Purse” by House of Mouawad : $3.8 million

The 1001 nights diamond purse by house of mouawad

This is the most expensive handbag in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records has certified this purse as the most expensive among others worldwide. There are 10 experts who have successfully crafted this bag. It takes 8,800 hours to finish the bag. Physically, the bag has a heart shape. There are tons of gemstones spread on the bag’s surface such as colourless diamonds, yellow diamonds, and pink diamonds. You can’t say anything. It’s the best luxury hand bags among the others.

Now that you saw the most expensive hand bags in the world, which one you likeit more? Leave a comment at this article and let us know your favourite luxury handbag.



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