How to make money as a teenager or as student

So we decide to write this article to help some of teenagers and students to make some money in their part time while they keep their normal school hours.
No matter what you study,all you need is a good idea,some free time and motivation. We know all teenagers want to be trendy and have the ultimate gadgets,feeling comfortable in brand clothes, so here are some ideas how you can make money as a teenager or as student.
First of all you need to think what you like to do.Discover your passion.If you cannot past this step, we give you the ideas.


How to make money as a teenage or as a student

You can start making some cash in your spare time, by offering after school hours to other kids, you can offer lessons for any niche,from history,linguistic,anatomy,Mathematica,to English tuition and informatics courses. If you are good at internet teach, you can learn others and get paid.Depends of your knowledge for one hour of tuition you can get paid about 20-25 pounds. This is a good start if you are very good at mathematics tuition.
Another way to make money as a teenager or as student is to take a job for:
- dog walk
- car wash
- make shopping's for your neighbours or other member of your family
- sell fresh juice fro home( this is very often seen in Silverstone,formula one event, in front of houses near Silverstone teenagers they sell fresh lemonade for   tourists, they also sell toys,flowers, their parents car park space with agreement of their parents)
- sell some games you don't want them any-more( in this list can be added, antiques,clothes,shoes,etc) If you don't have nothing to sell, you can create Birthday   Cards,Christmas Cars,Valentine Day Cards,Easter Cards or other event,hand made jewellery, decorations or anything you might like it.
- baby sitting
- you can apply for a job in modelling ( boys and girls)
- cook biscuits and sell to your colleagues, or even make a small blog to sell them online( you need more documentation for this start-up)

- organize dinner and charge inviter's after you calculate everything so you can have a profit( sometimes this can leave you a few hundreds in your pocket after a successful dinner, which can   be repeated) 
- get a job in a charity shop
- apply for a hostess job for different events
- get a job for Leaflet Distribution & Flyer Distribution
- get a job for newspaper distribution ( check Chronicle Echo newspaper for more details)
- you have a good knowledge about smartphones, tablets and other gadgets? offer your services to repair them for a small charge
- have a good video camera? offer your services for different events,or make some good quality pictures and sell them on iStock Photo,Fotolia,Shutterstock
- create a blog about a niche you interested and you know many informations,tips and things that you can teach others
- make money as a teenager from Google Ad sense( adding Google ads on your blog, plus other affiliate links from Amazon,or other reputable websites, or sell banner   advertisement at your blog, once is got a good amount of traffic)
- create videos and upload them on Youtube( enabling advertisements that you will get paid for every click you receive on them- read T&C so you make sure you wont be   banned from Youtube)
- register on Fiverr and offer your services there
- create fan pages with many followers and then sell it 
- many students and teenagers make money by selling websites and domains
- rent your room for photography( you will need more documentation for this subject, but is not a bad idea for a teenager to start making money)
- you pay rent for a room? then find colleague and pay less for it, this can help you save some money that you can put in your bank account
- apply for a savings account at your bank and try to save as much as possible, that will earn you interest in a few months or few years
- buy cheap second hand clothes,shoes,bags,toys,books in very good condition and sell them, on Ebay,Amazon,Vinted,Refashioner
So this was the biggest ideas how a teenager or student can make money, but if you look for a serious money you can find a properly job and find special websites with jobs for teenagers.
Set up a goal, think what you want to realize in your life, what do you want,you wan to save money for  a smartphone, for a tablet,for a car, or much important thing? Then you should save all pennies if you have big dreams and want to be rich one day. This has started all millionaires to make money.Saving is the key.Many people they have money but they don't know to hold them,or to invest them.Here everyone is making mistake, so you open they eyes big and never give up till you complete your goal.
Dont take it too extreme, nobody make money or get rich after one night, so patience is the key.
If you have other ideas about how a teenage or student can make money share with us, by leaving a comment at this article or by joining our forum.

Make money as student


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