How to Dress for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon. Here are some ideas how to dress for Halloween celebration

October 31st is one of the most anticipated days every year. On this day, we dress ourselves in the unusual way that most of our friend will find it hard to recognize us. It is the best time for you to dress up in a scary costumes and throw an exciting party with your friends. Celebrating Halloween's day involves various aspects. Not only that we dress up our home with scary decorations, we also fill the party with unique foods based on a particular theme.


It should be very common that we find many doors nicely decorated with lamps and attractive Halloween amenities. However, choosing the right Halloween dresses would be one of the most interesting parts of the Halloween celebration. You can choose from many kinds of interesting Halloween outfits and it should be very easy as they are now available in many stores. With a little bit of creativity, you might be able to create more unique Halloween costumes at home. Before we get to the selection of the Halloween outfits, let us shift our focus on the origin of this annual scary-costume party. 

How to dress on halloween

The Origin of Halloween Traditions

Little that you know Halloween is also known as All Hallows' Eve. A number of scholars have revealed that this celebration was mostly associated with harvest festivals and the dead festivals in Europe. Today, we celebrate this scary day in a more fun way. Not only that we wear scary outfits, we also fill Halloween's day with bonfires, scary pranks, horror movies and of course playing trick or treat. 

Before it turns out to be one of the most well known parties in the world, Halloween traditions have their roots in paganism practiced by European people. It was started thousands of years ago even before the European people recognized Christianity. You might recognize it as the best time to throw a costume party. Back then, Halloween was known as the symbol of the beginning of winter. It also symbolized the fire purifying, the burning of leaves and everything else that is evil and old. The pagan festivals for commemorating the dead and the harvest festivals in the Celtic culture are believed to be the roots of Halloween. At that moment, nobody referred such party as Halloween, they named it All Hallows' Evening instead. The naming of this festival is closely related to the Saints since the word Hallows itself is used to describe the halos of the Saints. Some other scholars strongly believe that Halloween party has its root in the Celtic festival known as Samhain. Other than that, a popular historian named Nicholas Rogers strongly believes that Halloween was inspired by a number of cultural festivals.


Despite its high popularity and the fact that Halloween is now globally celebrated, it surprises many people that we still have many unanswered questions about the exact beginning of Halloween. For most of us, less knowledge about the origin of Halloween does not really matter as long as we can have a great time with ourselves as well as our friends.


Finding The Halloween Outfits for The Scary Party

It is without a doubt that preparing the Halloween dresses has to be one of the most exciting activities when it comes to celebrating a Halloween party. 

Many of us see this as a great opportunity to celebrate our deepest obsession. More importantly, we can now find various Halloween costumes more easily. Not only that we can easily purchase them from the nearest costume stores in our area, there should be plenty of online stores that offers those scary and interesting items. You might as well visit a number of different online stores to get great discounts and come up with the best deals. If you have less interest in those monster, ghost or scary character costumes, you can always get some inspiration from your most favourite super heroes like Superman, Iron-man, Batman, Super-girl, Hulk, Thor, etc.


Some people actually find a great combination between the already-made Halloween masks and their own creative ideas. They usually purchase the masks in the online stores and use their own imagination and creativity in creating the rest of the Halloween dresses. This would be a nice solution for those who have a tight budget to prepare the Halloween party. There must plenty of cloth stores in your local area that provide all kind of patterns that you need to create a perfect or crazy outfit.


Making Your Own Halloween Dresses

If you look for a more affordable option, you can always choose to create the whole costumes on your own. There are some unique and easy Halloween costume ideas that you can try at home like mummy, bat, cousin itt, or ghost costumes. Surely, you do not have to be a professional to create these easy Halloween costumes.


If you are interested in creating your own mummy costume, you can start with finding a couple of rolls of white bandage and a white sweat suit. It should be very easy and quick to create especially when you create it with some friends. You can ask them to tie yourself with the white bandage completely. For the white paint of your face, you can use some make-up or powder. A kohl may come in very handy to darken the your eyes area. Not only that it is one of the best Halloween costume ideas, it might also be a lifesaver when you receive a Halloween party invitation in the last minutes. Another simple and quick costume idea would be ghost costume. A white sweat suit and white bed sheet are enough to create this scary Halloween outfit.


It is no secret that most Halloween party goers around the globe might be clueless about the history or the origin of Halloween traditions. They might even be very surprised to know that this scary celebration is also known as All Hallows' Evening. However, that will not stop them from having a great time of their life with their friends on October 31st.


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