How to buy bargain trendy clothes

How to buy bargain trendy clothes
I will start to show you what beautiful and trendy clothes i found at British Red Cross shop in my local town. Well i must admit that i love bargain things, anything like clothes or decoration i buy if i like it. As i said while i was walking on the high street of my town i say to myself to pass British Red Cross shop to see what other great things i can find.Well there and here i am, i end up with a very trendy blue coat which cost me 6£.

Blue coat

Yes is true just 6 pounds. Other then this i add another white cotton top that cost me 2£, plus an army jacket that cost me 8£. 
Well done i said to myself, with 16£ i bought three items that i couldn't find in any other store for at least 40-50£.

Army jacket Cheap army jacket

By the way who said army jakets are not anymore trendy? The picture is talking by itself.

I am a fan of bargain clothes, besides of that i love the positive and friendly attitude that sellers that working in charity shops they approach me and i am happy when i know that money that i paid for those goods will help people with problems or will help any other cause.

This is one of the best things i ever seen in England, to see how civilized people collect money for charities, they give you something  in exchange for that money, compare with other countries where charities just asking people to donate. British Red Cross is one of the best organization that support many people, army, air ambulance or cancer research, but also helping people like me who love to buy bargain clothes with little money.

From my experience every time i pass charity shops is always busy inside, the biggest reason is that people realize how much money can save choosing to buy second hand( outlet) clothes which are some of the highest quality. Here is a picture with my bunny plush bought from another charity shop with only 6£. Compare with Mark Spencer where cost for such a beautiful toy is around 40£. I always wash these clothes and toys bought from charity shops for my peace of mind that they are clean and fresh. I am proud that i take a smart decision to save money and buy bargain trendy clothes from charity shops.
If you bought something nice like me show more about your experience and what bargain trendy clothes you find at British Red Cross.

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