Have You Ever Think to Donate Your Hair?

Have you ever considered donating your hair? Hair is a part of beauty for people, especially women. If you have friends who have an experience in donating hair, you can learn why they such kind of act.

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. It’s a good deed to donate your hair. If your hair is long, perhaps you can consider cutting it and donating it to others in the future. Why donate? There are both kids and adults around the world who need some wigs due to many hair problems, especially hair loss. It can be both temporary and permanent matter. These people need wigs to maintain their appearance.

 Before you make a decision to sell your hair or give it for free, there some considerations that you need to keep in mind. First of all, it requires much time. Having a long hair takes time and patience. Regularly, your hair may grow 5-6 inches in a year. It means that your hair will grow only ½ inch monthly. In any places or sites that take hair donation, there’s a minimum requirement of the hair length. They usually take 9 inches as a minimum. Therefore, you should be patient to let the hair grows. Sometimes, it will be disappointing with the growth rate of your hair. It can be slower than you have expected before.

 When you have decided to offer your hair for free to a particular site or charity organization, you need to find out the motivation. Hair donation is a matter of personal. It means that you need to find a reason why you want to do this kind of act. Ask opinions from families and friends about it. Overall, it’s your hair and you are the one to decide what you do on it. If you want to help cancer patients who need healthy and strong wigs, you have enough motivation to donate your hair. Moreover, you have the preference on where to donate the hair.

 Just remember, one person can really make a difference. It’s not a bad idea to donate your hair after all. You won’t know what kind of impact you can have by selling or donating your hair. It doesn't matter that you give only a ponytail. It does really matter for those who need it. Usually, a hairpiece requires 9-29 ponytails. Therefore, you can make a difference by donating yours. Someone who has a terrible disease may require a wig. You can encourage such kind of person by making a hair donation. Well, each person is different in nature. Perhaps some of you don’t agree about this kind of idea.

 Do your homework before offer your hair for free. In fact, there are too many places where you can make a hair donation. You can even make a donation in minutes. It doesn't always a charity because you can also sell your hair to them. What you want to do with the cut of your hair is your call. It’s really the matter of personal. If you have decided you donate the hair, gather information about places that may receive your hair. Always choose an organization or a site that you feel good about it. You can’t see the hair process and distribution, so you need to find a trustworthy partner.

 A decision to donate your hair is a matter of giving. In this era, most of you ask about benefits. You tend to forget about giving and become more concerned about taking. A hair donation is all about giving. Through this action, you are able to show a selfless act for the others. You can help the others with it. What’s the advantage? Well, you are able to get a 

satisfaction that you have done something good in this world. There’s no one to judge you when you decide to make a hair donation. Donating a hair is all about personal preferences. If you don’t like it just don’t do it.

Who can make a hair donation? Well, girl or boy, it really doesn't matter. You don’t even need to think about what kind of hair you have. It can be thick, curly, straight, fine, or others. However, most of the charity sites and organizations don’t accept bleached and dyed hair. They also don’t accept gray and unhealthy hair. It seems that younger people are more suitable to make a hair donation. Actually, you can simply check on guidelines on each charity sites as they have different policies and preferences. How much can you donate your hair? It depends on the policies of the organizations. Usually, they take minimum amount such as 8 inches. Some others take a donation at least 13 inches.

 Who can cut the hair?  In this case, you don’t need to be specific of those who will cut the hair. Basically, you can have anyone as the cutter. It can be either a salon or your own cutter. You need only to read instructions set by the charity sites that take your hair. Some will take the hair in braid or a ponytail, while others choose your hair in specific details to donate your hair. Before inserting the hair inside the zipper bag, you need to make sure that the hair is completely dry. Otherwise, the mold may occur and your hair becomes useless. Also, don’t just send the hair without comparing any available organization. Check out their guidelines and reputation to learn more about their policies.

People have different preferences when involving in this kind of act. Some tend to donate their hair freely while others want to make money from it. You can sell your hair in a good amount of cash as well. However, it seems to be more satisfying if you give it for free. You can really help the others without expecting any returns. Most of the charity sites work to help kids or anyone who have hair loss problem related to illness. Donating your hair to charity organizations or sites can be your biggest gesture of supporting people who undergo cancer treatment or other related problems. However, you should choose the best program available.

Here are a list with websites where you can donate or sell your hair:










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