Guide to holiday luggage

Guide to holiday luggage
When you have planned a trip is very important to know exactly what things you need to pack to complete the list of necessary things and have a minus luggage. One medium luggage and compact with all necessary, sometimes may even be a big problem, because we all have a tendency to pack up as many things when you go on vacation. Depending on destination for holiday, you must establish a well-defined list of things that you need to choose the perfect trolley and roomy . If you choose a warm destination, you only need a few dresses, shirts, bras and bikinis, swimwear or other form of clothing that you'll be lying on the beach.Your usual routine of body care products,perfume,shower gel etc.
A pair of slippers or sandals, some towels and some things for personal hygiene will be enough to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Do not forget that when you get on the other realms, we all tend to go out for shopping and add some extra clothing in your personal wardrobe. The most important thing when you'll be lying on the beach beach is sunscreen, which is effective and will protect you from solar burns. Complete the list with a hat or a cap that will protect your hair from sunlight, which is more than must. These few items are lined almost indispensable when you prepare your holiday luggage. If you choose to travel to a destination cooler or really cold , then the situation is completely different .


Guide for holiday luggage

Not only must you have a few changes of raiment, but you have to add in holiday baggage socks , gloves , hats , scarves , sweaters and a few pairs of pants , so your luggage will be more bulky, heavy and will it costs more when you buy airfare ticket. If you do not want to bother carrying checked baggage for you , then you have to prepare a special amount of money to buy some clothes needed to exchange when you get to cool destination .
Whatever the destination where you get, the time you must proxy these things that will be useful at the time when you get in the holiday :
- Flights
- Passport or ID
- tickets hotel accommodation , villa, guest house, cottage
- Cash and a credit card or debit ( shown to already have money change currency location where you get so you will avoid some inconvenience of not having around a   currency exchange and   as a result your vacation planned so carefully will fail.Remember if you carry with you 10K Euro/GBP you must declare this money at customs, to   avoid any inconvenience, but is         recommended to not take with you this big amount of cash,for high level of security 
- Chargers for mobile phones , laptop and tablet , plus adapter for local outlets
- A map of the city walks, a travel guide with the most important goals , a guide means of transport , addresses, and phone calls from friends or acquaintances who      live in that town ( if applicable)
- GPS can be very useful when you get to a destination unknown
- A mini first aid kit that contains bandages, a few pills for the pain , analgesic , disinfectant tablets for vomiting (many people experience these symptoms when   travelling several hours by plane )
- A few notes to local attractions and major tourist spots in the area
- A watch that 'll fix local time and so you know how what time is, in case mobile phone battery is dead.
- Camera, battery , charger , data cable
- Some information about where you go, local traditions , what is allowed and what is not allowed at the destination where you will spend your dream holiday
For kids, depends on their age, you need to carry a separate suitcase that contain:
- with few clothes that you will need to change the baby every day
- diapers
- disinfectants,sterilizers,thermometer
- few toys
- baby car seat
- medical prescription 
- some food specific for babies( milk powder,fruit puree) 
- travel cot for baby
- toilet trip
- sling or baby carrier site
- trolley small folding
Carriage of pushchairs
For infants ( children under 2 years) , passengers can bring aboard free collapsible stroller or a car seat for the baby.In this regard, the rules are slightly different from one fly company to another, but both the low-cost carriers and to the line, trolleys or child seats must be collapsible and their weight must not exceed limits regulation. For children over 2 years which is intended to transport trolleys , the service can be offered for a fee. Carrying airlines usually trolleys or sling sites as baggage and limits and fees for this category Storage applies here.To avoid any inconvenience at the airport baggage register 48 hours before flight online or by calling Customer Service.
 We hope this information will be a guide for your holiday luggage and you will have a pleasant experience with unforgettable memories.
With all the above , please our readers to relate by a comment if our advice was helpful and hope to hear some stories about the happenings of your spent on vacation, or chair to attach some photos from the section blog submission , or section where any member of website has the possibility to create your own article that will be visible to all visitors.

Guide for holiday suitcase

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