Common Shoe Problems that Call for Shoe Repair

Footwears come in different size, colour and style. Different people have their unique choice of shoes which is usually influenced by their lifestyle and interest. Although shoes come in different forms and sizes, there is one common factor that makes them similar with one another and that is wear and tear issues.

Common problems with broken high heels

No matter how good the quality of your favourite pair of shoes is, there will come a point that you need to give them up because of unrepairable damage that is usually caused either by overuse and abuse and poor cleaning and maintenance.

Before this nightmare happens to you, you must know the common shoe problems and quick solutions that can make your favourite shoes last for many seasons.

Broken or Wobbly Heels

This is a common shoe problem for women especially for those who needs to regularly run their errands just to get the day done at the office. Worn out or wobbly heels do not only poster permanent risk or damage to your shoes but to your health as well. Wearing broken or wobbly shoes could cause slip and fall accidents that can create hip and back problems that you least would want to happen to yourself.

This kind of accidents could happen anytime and if you cannot avoid wearing heels the whole day, one of the preventive measures that you can do is to always check the stability of your shoe heels before wearing them and do not wait until the entire bottom layer of your heels are totally worn. Ask a shoe repair expert to fix it for you the soonest to avoid any harm from taking place.

What if it happens right at the moment you least expect it? Should you walk barefooted or try your luck with a wad of gum? Do not take any chances that might lead to a worse decision, make sure you have a pair of flat shoes inside your bag or car to easily get away with this kind of situation.

Slippery Soles

This is a common problem to shoes with plastic or leather sole as their materials provide lesser grip or friction compared to rubber.

This shoe problem does not only occur on new shoes as old ones could also have slippery soles especially after many years of use. Slippery soles could bring a lot of frustration and inconvenience to owners especially during winter and rainy seasons. How to get away with it? You can resole or add protective sole guards to new shoes to help you extend its life and avoid becoming a victim of slip, trip or fall injuries related to slippery soles.

Worn Soles

The worst thing that can happen if you do not pay immediate attention to your slippery soles is to see it getting worn out easily at a very short period of time. Worn down soles do not only bring discomfort to your feet but it can also be harmful as the shoes could no longer protect them from pointed or sharp objects like rocks and debris that you cannot easily see as you walk down the street.

Do not wait until you see a clear hole through the entire sole of your shoe. As soon as you feel like hitting the ground directly with your bare feet, it is time for new soles. According to NuShoe Inc. website, “it won’t do any harm to let your soles be resoled 2-3 times on average to keep them in good shape and condition.”

Not Quite the Right Fit for You

You cannot flaunt a fabulous pair of shoes if it does not fit you well as it will only let you lose the huge confidence you have before wearing them on. If you notice a ‘little wiggle room’ in your shoes the moment you try them on, go to the nearest shoe repair shop and ask for heel grips, tongue pads or insoles that can help you adjust them based on your actual size.

On the other hand, if you find your pair of shoes very tight and painful to your toes, they can be stretched and expanded using stretching machines from a repair shop.

Shoes come and go. You cannot keep them forever in your closet just because you want to. But for you to enjoy them longer, always know when the right time to call for shoe repair.

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