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Reinvent your wardrobe with wool pom poms

Reinvent your wardrobe with wool  pom poms 

Hand made pom pom bag

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Top 5 Must Have Celine Bag

Top 5 Must Have Celine Bag
Celine bags have long been the face of style and sophistication. The creativity and fashion sense of Phoebe Philo is conspicuously manifest in these super classy bags that never fail to make a statement. Celine does face a pretty tough competition from Saint Laurent Sac de Jour and Hermes Berkin but the special thing about it is that one can never fail to notice its distinctive style. The problem with the other two is that they both look like cousins. 
So, here are the top 5 must have Celine bags that will always make you stand out.

1.    Celine Trapeze


Top 5 celine handbags must have

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The Importance of Serial Number in Spotting a Fake Celine Bag

Celine bags are an entirely new imagination in style and utility. The Celine bag, or the Luggage Tote (LT) to be precise is something that defines the attitude of professional women, at present.

Celine bag, or the Luggage Tote
 But here is what; every big brand has a fake. And this brand is no exception. The market, local or international, is flooded with fake Celine bags. Be sure to do your research and find out just how to tell a fake from an original from experts. Blogs like Spotbags are dedicated to reviewing bags and can be a very valuable resource of information as they prove that there is a way to avoid being fooled. And, indeed, there is, the Serial Number.
But before we can know how this genius way works out, it is imperative to know a bit about the brand that has come to be so dearly embraced by women world over.

A Brief History



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Great Benefits of Shoe Renewal for Smart Savers

Worn out soles, broken or wobbly heels and faded color are just few of the common signs that your favorite pair of kicks is about to say goodbye. Most customers tend to throw away their old shoes once they notice any of these damages from their pair of footwear but if you find it hard to let go of them, there is still a better and more convenient way to bring them back to life.

Save money when you repair your shoes

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Common Shoe Problems that Call for Shoe Repair

Footwears come in different size, colour and style. Different people have their unique choice of shoes which is usually influenced by their lifestyle and interest. Although shoes come in different forms and sizes, there is one common factor that makes them similar with one another and that is wear and tear issues.

Common problems with broken high heels

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Best gifts for Christmas day

Best gifts for Christmas day

Whether you choose to buy online or in major shopping centres, you will definitely find the best Christmas gift for loved ones who will enjoy for a longer or shorter 
time .If you have not had time to buy Christmas gifts,do  not despair.We come up with some ingenious solutions that will help you to capture 

your loved ones with some of the most desired gifts.
We have prepared the list of the best gifts for Christmas day so enjoy shopping :
1- Star Wars Toys - Who does not love Star Wars characters ? Buy one and offer to someone who know is enjoy watching the movie of the year.

Star wars toys

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How to buy bargain trendy clothes

How to buy bargain trendy clothes
I will start to show you what beautiful and trendy clothes i found at British Red Cross shop in my local town. Well i must admit that i love bargain things, anything like clothes or decoration i buy if i like it. As i said while i was walking on the high street of my town i say to myself to pass British Red Cross shop to see what other great things i can find.Well there and here i am, i end up with a very trendy blue coat which cost me 6£.

Blue coat

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Cashmere clothing

Coveted cashmere . Who does not love cashmere material ? I do not think there are people who do not adore the delicate touch of cashmere material.Well the bad news is that this material is becoming rarer and more expensive , so we see prices in shops selling cashmere clothing with prices much higher even than other famous brands.
Undoubtedly worth all those clothes in value for money price.

cashmere dressescheap cashmere dress

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The Galaxy Hair Trend

Galaxy hair trend is looking like coming from SF-Fiction movies, but if you want to stand out from the ordinary daily routine,you can opt for a radical change at your new look. The colours of Galaxy hair are similar with Aurora Borealis,make you think you live in a different planet.So how these girls they get this trendy colours into their hair?We find that only at professional beauty salons you can have a treatment  for hair that will transform your hair like colour of the people from Avatar movie.

Galaxy trend hair

source of pictures- Instagram

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Luxurious and Expensive Hand Bags All Over the World – the Top 10

Handbags and purses are important fashion items worldwide. They have become women’s accessories in this modern era. In fact, luxury hand bags come in different colours, shapes, brands, and shapes. Some have high-end design while others are only suitable for the urban chic. Mostly, women can’t go out without their precious handbags. They consider them in the term of a fashion statement and functionality. What about you? There will be some reasons to buy this kind of item, won’t it? 

For the divas, they don’t want regular handbags so they hunt for famous and luxurious handbags. Well, these top expensive items can be your reference when looking for the best handbag ever in the market. Women may spend much money to satisfy their hunger of fashion. Therefore, you can read the list below before buying the one that you really need to get in the market. Each of them has distinct beauty and uniqueness too.

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag : $30,000

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag : $30,000

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The Controversy of Natural and Synthetic Fur Coats

There’s a controversy about fur coats. When it comes to this precious item, we can choose either to buy the natural fur coat or synthetic coats. For animal lovers, buying a natural fur coat seems to be a bad decision. These people feel guilty as they have strong empathy towards living beings including animal. Yet, what if we are obsessed with wearing beautiful clothing such as a fur coat? There’s no one can’t resist the softness of this coat. We can feel it under our fingers as a good fur coat will be our source of warmth during cold climates. A fur coat is reliable during the winter season, isn’t it? 

Buy online natural fur coat

Luxury natural fur coat



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Have You Ever Think to Donate Your Hair?

Have you ever considered donating your hair? Hair is a part of beauty for people, especially women. If you have friends who have an experience in donating hair, you can learn why they such kind of act.

Donate your hair picture ehiyo

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Advantages to Work in a Fashion Store

What do you think about having a job in a fashion store in the high street or shopping centre of your town? We have listed some of the advantages to have a job in a clothes store, being the first person that know all news about fashion and find many other opportunities to buy clothes with discount and learn more about management sales.

Jobs in fashion store photo tumblr

There are many job opportunities to take. Have you decided anything? Unless you live in a secluded city, you have been affected by the industry of fashion at some point. It can be a mere reading fashion magazine, seeing fashionable models, shopping at fashion stores, and many others. Here’s an idea. Why don’t you take some shopping centres jobs? Working in the fashion industry, even in its shopping centre provide many perks for you. Mostly, you can take as much information as possible related to fashion industry. There are many interesting items you can buy including jeans, hats, suits, shoes, and many more. 

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The revolutionary deodorant for shoes

Well, from some time i bought a few pairs of shoes but lower quality and not leather and i realized that my feet are smelling not too nice. Maybe you know that feeling when you're not comfortable with yourself and your feet are not fresh as you wish. Because I like very much that shoes, i  did not want to give up for them and I began researching how I can scent shoes.
Hmmm , I tried with underarm deodorant, which ran on time, but then I realized my shoes are smelling again.

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The ultimate gadget two Wheels Smart Self Balance Drifting Scooter Board

The ultimate gadget two-weeled board
Well i must admit that this gadget scare me first time when i saw it on my street.It was dar outside and some dudes was spining their two-weel board with that blue light, i tought i see alliens first time, but once i get closer i realize thy was playing with their two weels gadget and i laught in my own head ( haha)
Yes i must admit that technology is very speedy and they surprise me with this gadget, but like drones they will be probably forget after few years.Yeah remember that drones how popular they was with two,three years ago? 

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The most expensive phones in the world

The most expensive phones in the world:
Find out what are the most expensive phones in the world from the next article.
The following article may interest you or maybe not, but at least it is good to keep up with the latest news regarding foodie and gadgets.
Everyone wants a mobile phone expensive and more efficient , but when it is overlaid with gold and 24 karat's or diamonds and other gemstones , you had the courage to remove such a phone in your bag ?

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Woman carrying woman at paris fashion week

We write about the Rick Owens catwalk fashion trend and you will leave your opinion about what you think regard this fashion.
Probably you will laugh all day after this article but i have to write about the latest trend of Rick Owens and how he is seeing the woman catwalk as an accessory.
Rick Owens makes women the latest fashion accessory with models wearing models on the catwalk.

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How to Dress for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon. Here are some ideas how to dress for Halloween celebration

October 31st is one of the most anticipated days every year. On this day, we dress ourselves in the unusual way that most of our friend will find it hard to recognize us. It is the best time for you to dress up in a scary costumes and throw an exciting party with your friends. Celebrating Halloween's day involves various aspects. Not only that we dress up our home with scary decorations, we also fill the party with unique foods based on a particular theme.


It should be very common that we find many doors nicely decorated with lamps and attractive Halloween amenities. However, choosing the right Halloween dresses would be one of the most interesting parts of the Halloween celebration. You can choose from many kinds of interesting Halloween outfits and it should be very easy as they are now available in many stores. With a little bit of creativity, you might be able to create more unique Halloween costumes at home. Before we get to the selection of the Halloween outfits, let us shift our focus on the origin of this annual scary-costume party. 

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2015 autumn fashion

Autumn is already in our daily routine, with its beautiful part that make you feel melancholic when you look at the threes and see how their leaves fall  is a sign that summer is gone. But we must not be sad, for this natural process , every season has its share of beautiful and inspires you to choose the right clothes to keep pace with changes in nature . But back to our subject 's clothes fall . By now you have probably noticed in high street stores new trends in fashion, dresses and boots in western style jackets and suede fringed bags are a marvel.

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Have you try Olay Anti- Aging Brand?

Have you try the Olay brand yet? Olay is an American company for skin care and is part of  Procter & Gamble's giant for cosmetics.This fantastic brand operate their products since 1949 by a chemist from Durban.Taking life in South Africa The Olay Brand was called on the beginning the Oil of Olay. These days Olay Brand is number one cosmetics used by most of the British people and other European countries.Personally I love this brand because is really what is say and is not ripping off money from people. Since is so popular i am sure many of you heard, or tried this awesome cosmetics that have some properties divine. I tested them, few cream for face and to be more specific Olay Regenerist Moisturiser Day Cream 50ml. I find it exactly at the right moment since i don't sleep enough and next day i need my skin to look hydrated and fresh.

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